Friday, November 19, 2010

Want to win some fantabulous prizes

What over here JUST CLICK HERE
Tell her which of the new lite cartridge is your favorite that's all
Easy peasy
There are extra ways to win
Follow subscribe which I am blog which I am
facebook I am on the like already
I don't tweet but it's all doable and fun...
It's like hitting the Scrapping lotto but it's fun...
You should see the cartridges I will let you look for yourself.

I promise a layout coming soon

I have been sick working , packing, getting ready for trip.... Yay but sad my birthday month almost to an end.
I have been so fortunate this month...
Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Imaginisce Give away

Go Here
Imaginisce blog has a giveaway just for watching the Irock and Itop Video Was fun and cute I have not seen these tools but they are pink and watching the Video made me want them...
I cannot wait to get my own scrappy space

My Birthday Month

Well this is My birthday Month and it falls on Thanksgiving this year I can hardly wait to get out of town .. IT will be fun coming to see the whole family.
It's been a good start My Mom and Dad have sent me small things all month long in the mail.. It's been fun it's brightens my day and running to the mail box they were smart and on Saturday says do not open till Sunday I will take a picture of it all and put it up soon....
Here is to a good month.. I also have a layout I will be sharing hopefully 2morrow

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marker give away

Go HERE How awesome would it be to win..

All you need to do is go to the blog

Going buggy and enter for your chance to win.

What an awesome prize.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I won I won I won What a good Way to start November

I won not 1, 2 or 3 but
4 Cricut cartridges

I am just beyond the moon and back. I only have a couple and this is gonna be great for me to have fun with.
I am getting a scrap space when I move so I am so excited.

Thanks again Julie I left a message on your blog

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How cool is this layout

Ok so my Mom has made so many friends on the internet and someone offered to do coffee photo and she had this photo of me that she likes and how cool is this layout.Sorry I can't remember the name of the person that did it but I was so happy and thrilled it's classic me
with my Starbucks. I love the layout. Scrappy world is such a fun place wish I had more time
to spend in it but you know school, work, test... Lol...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Gypsy Giveaway What a craze

Lisa blog
Just go here Lisa's blog leave a comment once it gets to 400 she will draw a winner winner how cool is that.

Good luck to all..

Omg with my baking and this machine I could make some cool things for my baked goodies..
How fun Thanks provo craft for being generous to your designers and What a fabulous Design Team and Magazine Team they have put together...

Spread the word

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How cool would this be to win. My birthday is soon and I need so many things for my new place that there is no way I could afford one of these. I have so many other things being on your own is not as easy as it seems. I work full -time and go to school full-time so I am working on trying to get a Scrapdesk I have to be organized when I scrap and my Cricut is in the closet and I just love that thing it's one of the best Xmas Scrappy present I could have gotten. Anyways I recently discovered that there is many giveaways perfect for the person with little disposable income for fun things So I decided to come back to blogging and enter some and see what there is out there. Wish me luck in keeping it all up and all you have to do on this blog is become a follower which I did.
This girl has some fun tutorials and I definetly learn from those. She has major give-aways
So put your hat in the ring go here Pinky you have till Thursday to enter this fun Giveaway
I had no clue how to do any of this but I got some good help and am on my way to new adventures. Good luck to anyone who enters.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Hoo Care package delievered Cindy Loo

I can't tell everyone how excited I am about my new space. I can't be sad lol I need a place to live. I will be on my own this is the first time it's scarry, fun and lots of emotions.

I am looking forward to having a scrapping desk.

Between school, work , studying I'll be doing more staying at home being on my own is way more

responsibilities so I am gonna get back to scrapping.

Look at what I got to play with Cindy Loo I have been wanting this. My cricut was put away in the closet and scrapping stuff but now I am packing , moving and excited that I was given a desk so that I can keep it out..
I put it on my birthday list a Gypsy but really I need to be more reasonable so My wonderful Mom told me to start entering giveaways. That I could get lucky I'm usually not very lucky at stuff like that but you know it's worth a try.
I need so many things for my apartment one at a time.
So I was grateful for the desk I was given. I need to get something for my T.v. been looking and also a Kitchen table.
It's kinda hard when you have a roommate and some is yours and some is there's.. Waaaa..
Well I am just happy that I have a job right now I am hoping the hardwork in school will pay off down the line for all the sacrafices, not only I have put myself thru but my parents.
Even jabber Happy Thursday

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taylored Expressions Giveaways 12 days

If you go to click here Taylored I'm new here to blogging and I am becoming a excited to blog hop however it' takes a lot of extra time. I am a full time student along with working full time , I also need to study to keep up grades. Yikes
Anyways this is a cute little site I think you will love cute Ideas...
My Mom made me a recipe holder very similar to this to match my old kitchen I gonna sand it and have her redo the paper on on it to match new kitchen. Since now I will have my own place
Go grab badges and check her cute store out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scrapping and Giveaways

So I have been on some fun trips with my BFF Lauren we celebrate usually someone we've been to Vegas a couple times so here we are I am trying to scrap again I will soon have a desk and everything to get going again..
I just got some vinyl so I can make some wall art and use my Cricut I have the baby one and love it just no place to set it up.
Working and going to school full time take up a lot of time but I am excited to have a place where I can have it there and work on it and walk away when I want to. I think my traveling and friends will be coming along now.
I am having my wonderful Mother work on my childhood books.
I was teasing my cousin for always stalking her blog then we got to talking the other day and she starting telling me about giveaways and entering and so on and so now I am gonna try to be a better blogger and catch up and post scrapping and get into more giveaways...
She hooked me up to a few to follow and then says she will teach me baby steps she knows I try but am just a terrible blogger I'm a better Facebooker let's face it aren't we all
Lol So here is a fun time had as always...
I will be scrapping the other two trips just as soon as I move and get my place all set up..
I got some new scrappy supplies I got a Cindy Loo Cartridge for an early birthday present.
I have another one on the list for Xmas
Even thinking I might push my luck for a techno toy.
Well wish me luck folks