Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WOW it took me a while

Wow it took me a while to get on this thing.... well i just thought it was time for an update... Things are a little rough but not to bad i know that the way things are right now it is a little rough on everyone. I am finally all settled into my new place =-] YaY . Me and my roommate get along great which is nice...and new for me lol. I finished signing up for my fall classes yesterday...are you ready for this on top of my full time job i will be taking 16 credit hours... that's right i have enrolled myself in 5 class including a Saturday class so basically i signed my life away to the school but i know that when it all comes to an end it will have been well worth it and I am lucky that I have my parents backing me up. I am also in the process of applying for a second job for Fri/Sat/Sun to help out with those extra unwanted bills and for the holiday time that is just around the corner. Well that is my life in a nut shell right now. I'm going to try and post more and keep everyone updated after all the Internet is the best way to stay connected.