Monday, October 11, 2010

Scrapping and Giveaways

So I have been on some fun trips with my BFF Lauren we celebrate usually someone we've been to Vegas a couple times so here we are I am trying to scrap again I will soon have a desk and everything to get going again..
I just got some vinyl so I can make some wall art and use my Cricut I have the baby one and love it just no place to set it up.
Working and going to school full time take up a lot of time but I am excited to have a place where I can have it there and work on it and walk away when I want to. I think my traveling and friends will be coming along now.
I am having my wonderful Mother work on my childhood books.
I was teasing my cousin for always stalking her blog then we got to talking the other day and she starting telling me about giveaways and entering and so on and so now I am gonna try to be a better blogger and catch up and post scrapping and get into more giveaways...
She hooked me up to a few to follow and then says she will teach me baby steps she knows I try but am just a terrible blogger I'm a better Facebooker let's face it aren't we all
Lol So here is a fun time had as always...
I will be scrapping the other two trips just as soon as I move and get my place all set up..
I got some new scrappy supplies I got a Cindy Loo Cartridge for an early birthday present.
I have another one on the list for Xmas
Even thinking I might push my luck for a techno toy.
Well wish me luck folks

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