Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Hoo Care package delievered Cindy Loo

I can't tell everyone how excited I am about my new space. I can't be sad lol I need a place to live. I will be on my own this is the first time it's scarry, fun and lots of emotions.

I am looking forward to having a scrapping desk.

Between school, work , studying I'll be doing more staying at home being on my own is way more

responsibilities so I am gonna get back to scrapping.

Look at what I got to play with Cindy Loo I have been wanting this. My cricut was put away in the closet and scrapping stuff but now I am packing , moving and excited that I was given a desk so that I can keep it out..
I put it on my birthday list a Gypsy but really I need to be more reasonable so My wonderful Mom told me to start entering giveaways. That I could get lucky I'm usually not very lucky at stuff like that but you know it's worth a try.
I need so many things for my apartment one at a time.
So I was grateful for the desk I was given. I need to get something for my T.v. been looking and also a Kitchen table.
It's kinda hard when you have a roommate and some is yours and some is there's.. Waaaa..
Well I am just happy that I have a job right now I am hoping the hardwork in school will pay off down the line for all the sacrafices, not only I have put myself thru but my parents.
Even jabber Happy Thursday

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